COVID-19 Response

Field Services Policies and Procedures

Field Services Policies and Procedures COVID-19 Response
Updated May 6th, 2020

Despite the challenges of today’s environment TDX Tech remains committed to our customers’ needs and safety.  This document details our response to the threat of COVID-19 and is intended to educate and disseminate the tools and practices we have instituted to protect the well-being of our employees, technicians, and customers.  We are closely monitoring the situation on a state by state basis and may provide updated policies as new information and guidelines become available. 

We ask that all our customers review this information and provide any questions or feedback you may have.  If you have any additional requirements please feel free to reach out to us as well.  We also ask that you provide this document to all end users and managers so they can provide onsite feedback to us.  Our project teams are committed to safeguarding the health of everyone so please reach out to your Project Manager with any information you may have.  We strive to ensure all field engineers are properly following these policies, but please report any activity you feel does not adhere to the policies as presented or the spirit of protecting public health. 

  1. Personal Protective Equipment-
    All our field engineers are now required to wear PPE while in the field.  Primarily this requirement is a facemask and gloves but we have provided additional recommendations, and there are support teams who are going above and beyond this requirement.
  2. Disinfection of Surfaces-
    Field engineers are also required to clean and disinfect surfaces which they come in contact with before and after working in an area.  The requirement is designed to proactively protect against contagion spread from asymptomatic carriers.
  3. Social Distancing and Hand Washing
    All Technicians have been asked to maintain a 6’ distance from others.  We ask that you allow them access to facilities for hand washing as needed.  We have not required hand washing upon arrival, but techs should either be hand washing or using hand sanitizer spray whenever they interact with ungloved hands.
  4. Adherence to Federal and State Guidelines
    All field engineers and staff must adhere to guidelines provided by state and federal agencies.  Primarily we have provided the CDC and NIAID guidance as well as state policies related to lockdowns.
  5. Updated Cancellation and Postponement Policy
    24-hour tech check-in confirmations are now standard procedure and we are leveraging this to monitor any symptoms or infections, as well as, confirmation off PPE.  We have changed our policy to allow for sickness-based cancellations or reschedules without penalty.  This may mean disruptions in the scheduling of sites; however, we are proactively monitoring all teams to ensure the least impact to project schedules.  Same day SLA tickets will not adhere to this policy.  
  6. End User Signature Requirement
    We are no longer requiring managers to sign work orders.  In the event they do not feel comfortable doing this, techs will perform the standard checkout and write the site contacts name in the manager signature section.
  7. Mitigation
    TDX has required all onsite personnel to report any symptoms or infections, confirmed or probable, immediately.  We ask that our customers and end users contact us if anyone has a probable or confirmed infection so we may inform field engineers to self-isolate. All techs are following CDC guidelines for returning to work and are still required to use social-distancing and PPE measures even after recovering from a confirmed infection.

Contact Us
You may reach us by email at or by phone at 952-777-3268.  You should also escalate to your corporate contact or helpdesk to report the information.