Upgrades & Parts

With the fast paced development of new technologies, the ability to upgrade entire systems or simply the parts of an entire system is crucial for creating successful business operations. TDX offers various types of system components including memory, hard drives, processors, fans, motherboards, video cards, storage expansion units, power supply units, monitors and entire systems.


From brands like IBM, Toshiba, and NCR, TDX offers used memory, memory accessories, and memory kits so your business can upgrade or replace inoperable hardware. With many options to consider, let TDX Tech find the correct piece of memory that is compatible with your existing motherboard.

Hard Disks

Due to the vast amount of choices of hard disks, due to varying data transfer rates, seek times, and power consumption needs, it can be a daunting process finding the right hard disk for your hardware. That's where we come in. The reps at TDX Tech will search through our abundant inventory of used brand name hard disks and find the hardware right for you.

Storage Expansion

Storage expansion units offer high performance, high availability, business critical storage solutions for organizations needing to store an immense amount of data. TDX stocks storage expansion devices designed to meet the challenge of high impact/high volume network storage requirments for businesses of all sizes.


Within our inventory, you will find industrial motherboards used for the retail market with the ability to integrate numerous peripherals, such as network interfaces, audio, LCD touch screens, pole displays, cash drawers, scanners, printers, among many others. Our stock of used motherboards are high performing and support fast CPUs, high screen resolution, smooth HMI functions, and are widely used as reliable retail solutions.

Power Supplies

Let a TDX Tech rep search our inventory to find a compatible power supply unit (PSU) for your terminal, printer, scanner, or display. We continuously stock power supply units for Toshiba, IBM POS and NCR POS hardware.

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