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IBM 4820-51W

SurePoint Flat Panel Display 15in LCD,, Pearl White

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The IBM 4820 SurePoint family of Flat Panel display products is designed to offer a wide range of choices for retailers who need retail-hardened, full-screen video displays in their store environments. These products are available in a range of screen sizes and functions, including 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch models to fit nearly any POS configuration. It can be attached to nearly any IBM POS system unit or PC, including the SurePOS 300, SurePOS 500 and SurePOS 700.

Model Abstract 4820-51W
The IBM 4820 SurePoint Model 51W is a Pearl White 15-inch screen size LCD IR touch monitor with over 50% more viewing area than a 12.1-inch display. It provides excellent visibility in bright light with a wide viewing angle, ideal for configurations requiring a larger display area, such as showing large amounts of data or images, training several people at once, showing full-motion video advertising, or providing an interactive customer display. This model is color-matched to other pearl white IBM POS systems. Available options on the 51W include a color-matched Keypad/Keylock, MSR/Keylock or Keypad/MSR/Keylock combination.

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