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IBM 4820-2GN

IBM 4820-2GN SurePoint Touch Display

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The IBM 4820 Model 2GN is a 12.1-inch Iron Gray touch screen display with innovative infrared touch technology that improves image quality and increases reliability and usability. It is identical to the Model 2WN, except for the product color. It attaches to the IBM SurePOS 700 Models 72x, 74x, 78x, the SurePOS 4694, SurePOS 300 Series, SurePOS 500 Series (and other select systems) via the industry-standard 15-pin VGA-style analog video interface. It is available in a choice of open, standard touch and I/O connectivity's that includes USB (powered or standard) or RS-232 interfaces.

In addition, the display is available in two versions -- a base value touch screen only version or a performance version that also includes support for the Iron Gray Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR), Iron Gray keypad/MSR and keylock. The value and performance models are each available with either USB or RS-232 connectivity. In addition, the performance version includes 2 standard USB connectors for connecting other external USB devices.

The Model 2GN will integrate smoothly on wide or narrow-footprint system units including the SurePOS 700 and 4694 platforms, using IBM's existing enhanced stiffness display mounts. It will also integrate with the SurePOS 500 Series system units as a second display. The display covers are IBM Iron Gray and are color-matched with other I/O devices that attach to an IBM system unit.

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