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NCR 7892-1692-9090

NCR RealScan Presentation Scanner With SA ELECTRONICS, RoHS, GRAY COLOR

Used NCR Peripherals Hardware
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The NCR 7892 Bi-Modal Scanner helps retailers overcome their scanning challenges: associate training and speed, reading poor quality, hard-to-reach, or odd size labels, as well as the durability to withstand accidental drops. The NCR 7892 Bi-Modal Scanner is responsive, versatile, rugged and easy to use. It allows new sales associates to become productive quicker.

Unique Features, Better Checkouts The 7892 Bi-Modal incorporates technical innovations requested by retailers - innovations needed to enhance customer service. The NCR 7892 includes features such as PACESETTER Plus software which uses unique NCR decoding algorithms that correct, read and report poor quality bar codes. In addition, the NCR 7892 offers the only selectable single-line scan pattern with a two-stage button, enabling the user to accurately target and read a single bar code among many.


The NCR RealScan 7892 Bi-Modal Scanner offers:

  • A Bi-Modal design which reads in an omnidirectional mode for fast presentation and pass-by scanning, or in a single-line mode for bar codes that are in close proximity to each other.
  • PACESETTER Plus software, which allows for quick, accurate decoding of bar codes and reporting on poor quality labels.
  • The fastest scan speed of any bi-modal, presentation scanner - an unsurpassed 20-line scan pattern, powered by a 5,000 rpm motor, generating 83 complete scan patterns per second comprising 1,667 scan lines.
  • The depth of field of the scan pattern is seven inches, which avoids annoying and counterproductive background reads.
  • The six-foot drop to concrete is the best durability specification among presentation scanners and is 50% better than the nearest competitor.

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