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Symbol MC9010-GK0JAEB00FB

MC9000-G, 32MB RAM, 802.11b, 53-key, Monochrome Display, with Standard Range Scanner, Windows CE.NET operating system

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Variable Range Bar Code Laser Scanner or Imager

The MC9010-G (MC9000-G Series) delivers an unsurpassed choice of scanning and imaging technologies. You can select an integrated high-performance laser barcode scan engine or a feature-rich, powerful imager, depending on your application requirements. The MC9010-G (MC9000-G Series) features an innovative mechanical design that withstands multiple 6-foot drops to concrete. Its IP64 sealing rating makes it virtually impervious to dust and moisture in environments where intensive barcode scanning takes place. Multimode wireless communication offers real-time access to data anytime, anywhere.

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