Loss Prevention & Security

Cover your assets.

Stop theft before it happens. TDX Tech is an industry leader in loss prevention, and can support your security efforts with everything from new surveillance cameras to full system integration, consisting of DVRs, NVRs, public view monitors, video management software, encoders/decoders and more.

Surveillance Evaluation and Design

TDX Tech will create a custom loss prevention solution for your company that uses the most effective technology, and meets your demands for security, merchandising, operations and customer experience. We’ll ensure all equipment is installed on-time and on-budget, and we’ll be there to provide any on-going support and alterations.

Cutting Edge Technologies

We offer HD quality IP cameras and cutting edge recording solutions with mobile surveillance options that are so advanced, you can view an entire parking lot, and zoom in on a license plate without losing image quality.

Simultaneous Monitoring

Our VMS software and app lets you monitor multiple locations simultaneously from your computer, smart phone, iPad or tablet.

Customized Hardware

We can customize our products to meet your specific needs. You’ll get internationally recognized technologies, backed by the highest quality local support.

On-Demand Reporting / Statistics

Our project management tools make it easy to generate on-demand reports and statistics that your company can use to focus and refine your loss prevention efforts.

Tech Status Monitoring

To help your company plan for future needs, TDX Tech will accurately track the time and resources required to complete your project.

Technical Support

Our experienced technical representatives and world-class help desk provide seamless service round the clock.

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