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Timely and comprehensive assistance with PCI compliance.

When a medium sized retailer needed assistance with PCI compliance, they called TDX Tech
Timely and comprehensive assistance with PCI compliance.
U.S. and Canada
Company Size: 
100+ locations, 1,000+ registers
TDX Services: 
Project Management, Deployment


To comply with PCI regulations, our customer was required to upgrade software and hardware. The compliance service work had to be completed at over 100 retail locations across the United States, Canada, and Guam

TDX Solution

Our dedicated TDX Tech project management team worked closely with our customer ensuring the project was a success. Extremely detailed site surveys were completed at each store to record all technology equipment by location. This information was utilized by TDX Tech and our customer to uniquely plan each service visit to have minimal customer disruption. The survey information was also utilized to order appropriate upgrade equipment for each location.

Deployments proved to be very complex and unique to each of the locations.  Configurations, such as specific applications and printer configurations, proved to be a unique challenge for every unit of equipment.  Our technician schedules required flexibility and project plans had to adjust quickly.  Our project team stayed in constant contact with our technicians for updates and Level 1 support, escalating only the appropriate OS Upgrade related issues to the customer support team.  End of life equipment was returned to TDX Tech to complete PCI compliant data destruction on all hard drives and suitable recycling of equipment.

By utilizing the full capabilities of our propriety web-based software solution, WebTrax, customers had site survey, real-time deployment notes, and asset disposal certifications available.  WebTrax was utilized to document every unit of equipment that had an OS upgrade and replaced with a new unit. 


Our customer was able to have peace of mind, knowing that every utilized unit of equipment was PCI compliant and properly documented. As well, PCI data destruction certificates have also been provided for every removed hard drive.

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