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Cherry G80-8200LAAUS

G80-8200, AT Connector, 9 pin squeeze port with built-in decoder

Used Cherry Peripherals Hardware
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  • Enhanced US 120 Position Key Layout
  • 59 Programmable and 48 Relegendable Keys for Easy Layout Configuration and Quick Function Calls
  • Available with PS/2 and USB Interface
  • MX Gold Crosspoint Keyswitches Exceed 50 Million Operations to Withstand Harsh Environments and Ensure Long Product Lifetime
  • High Performance Magnetic Stripe Reader with Freely Programmable Headers and Terminators for Each Track
  • Selection of Non-Keyboard Hexcodes Enhances Security for Credit Card Processing (USB)
  • Free Parsing and Configuration of Magnetic Stripe Data Stream (USB)

  • Powerful Cherry Tools Configuration Software Enhances Functionalities when Switching into Virtual Programming Mode and Allows for Quick Product Setup and Configuration

  • Easy Configuration File Transfer with Windows Explorer

  • UPOS Drivers for Windows and Linux Support of Client-Server Architectures

  • Remote Network Installation with Cherry Tools Runtime Version (USB)



  • High Resolution Touchpad
  • 2 USB Downstream Ports (USB)
  • 6 and 9 Pin Ports for Barcode Scanner (PS/2)
  • 3-Track Magnetic Card Reader

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