IT and Technology Installations

Our comprehensive IT installation services get your IT projects installed and completed on-time and on-budget. Whether you’re opening new locations, or remodeling an existing location, TDX Tech’s installation network of 20,000+ technicians can support you wherever your projects are located.

Pre-Installation Site Surveys and Technology Assessments

Get all the right information, before you plan your installs. Site surveys can be a critical step towards ensuring your installation project  rolls out smoothly.

TDX Tech’s experienced project teams can provide critical pre-installation site surveys that allow for smooth, efficient, and cost-effective rollouts . All technology survey data and deliverables are captured in WebTrax™, our proprietary web-based project management system, to provide easy online access to your entire project team.

Installation Project (IMAC) Support

Looking for Install, Move, Add, or Change (IMAC) support? Through our global network of more than 20,000 technicians, we can handle staging, installation, and rollout of all your technology assets. TDX Tech can support virtually any IT installation services.

Common field-service installation projects include:

  • Structured cabling (voice, data, CAT6, fiber, coaxial)
  • Cable termination installation
  • 2-post, 4-post, wall-mount rack enclosures
  • Network devices (gateways, routers, wireless access points, 4G/5G)
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) and edge-computing devices
  • Server and server-room installations
  • POS roll-outs (terminals, scanners, printers, and payment systems)
  • Software and configuration upgrades
  • Digital signage, kiosks, and wayfinding solutions
  • Camera surveillance hardware (IP and analog, DVRs, NVRs, etc)

TDX Tech also offers technology de-installation to provide complete turn-key IMAC project support, as well as to handle IT asset disposal and disposition in an manner that protects our environment.

IT Installation Service Insights, Reporting, and Statistics

TDX Tech’s project management tools let you access on-demand reporting and statistics for your IT installation service projects. These insights significantly improve your decision-making processes by providing key metrics and insights as your IT installation project moves forward.

Take advantage of WebTrax, our proprietary Web-based tracking application. WebTrax makes it easy to track installation progress, project status, and key project deliverables.

Why Partner with TDX Tech for Technology Installation?

Finding the right technology installation partner can be a daunting task. We’ve compiled our Top 7 Reasons why partnering with TDX Tech can help your IT, technology, and project teams Do IT Smarter. Check them out »

We'd love to help you Do IT Smarter – reach out today to discuss your technology deployment projects or IT installation and hardware needs. Call us at 888-777-0532, or click the "Contact Us" button, below.
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Our dedicated project managers have been partnering with IT and project teams like yours for over 40 years! We’ll make your project and technology deployment successful.


Need far-reaching IT deployments or IT installations? Our technicians perform field services in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, and the Middle East – we’re ready to help wherever your technology projects take you.

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