Cradlepoint 5G for Business


Cradlepoint Hardware, Deployment, and Installation

5G routers and adapters for business mark a unique intersection of flexibility and fiber-fast performance, enabling Wireless WAN connectivity and forward-thinking innovation for fixed and temporary locations, vehicles, IoT, and beyond.

The future of business runs on Cradlepoint 5G

What can Cradlepoint 5G do for business? More than you might imagine.

The business case for 5G is rooted in the need for companies and agencies to simultaneously evolve existing WWAN applications and enable new and immersive technologies. 5G wireless edge solutions are poised to help every organization and industry change how business is done — for years to come.

How businesses are leveraging Cradlepoint 5G

5G for fixed locations
  • Primary wireless for larger sites
  • Fail-over beyond critical traffic
  • High-performance cellular SD-WAN
5G for Temporary Sites
  • High-capacity pop-up sites
  • Robust store-in-store connectivity
  • Proximity marketing
5G for Vehicles
  • HD video streaming
  • High-capacity healthcare diagnostics
  • Multiple in-vehicle applications
5G for IoT solutions
  • Immersive and interactive kiosks
  • Real-time digital signage
  • Environmental sensors

Staging, deploying and installing Cradlepoint 5G for business is easy with TDX Tech

Utilize TDX Tech’s project management and rollout teams to centralize and simplify your Cradlepoint 5G hardware installation. One point-of-contact for your entire project means simpler and faster on-boarding, saving you valuable time and capital.

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