Service Partner Applicaton


TDX Tech Approved Service Partner Application​

Why Become a TDX Tech Approved Service Partner?
  • Gain priority access to upcoming work orders in your coverage area
  • Deal directly with the TDX Tech Project Team
  • Assist in scheduling and route creation on large scale roll outs
  • Direct Invoicing

Contact Information:

Toll-free: 888-777-0532

Approved Service Partner Requirements:

  • Documentation and Insurance
    • Sign a TDX Tech Master Services Agreement (MSA)
    • Sign a TDX Tech Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)
    • Complete a W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number Form
    • Provide proof that you have a minimum of the following insurance coverage’s:
      • General Liability: 2 Million Per Occurrence
      • Automotive Liability: 1 Million Per Occurrence
      • Worker’s Compensations: Meets State Statutory Limits

  • Code of Conduct
    • Agree to use only direct employees and never subcontract any TDX Tech work orders
    • Technicians always check in with TDX Tech prior to entering and check out with TDX Tech prior to leaving any work order location
    • All work will be performed up to industry codes and standards
    • All deliverables will be submitted to TDX Tech within 48 hours of work order completion
    • Technicians will be representing themselves as an employee of TDX Tech while on site

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Technician Information
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Can you provide Union Labor?

Technician Skill-sets (Choose Yes or No for each skill)

POS Installation and Troubleshooting
Wireless Site Surveys
Wireless Installation and Troubleshooting
Network Installation and Configuration
Analog Phone System Installation and Troubleshooting
VOIP Phone System Installation and Troubleshooting
Circuit Extensions
Low Voltage Structured Cabling (Cat5 and Cat6)
Conduit Installation
Fiber Optic Cabling and Terminations
Alarm Systems
Traffic System Installation
Digital Signage
Access Control Systems
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Technician Pay

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Hourly Rate

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