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Touching, feeling, and trying-on items is the #1 driver for store traffic. Unfortunately, most stores are blind to the critical data that lies beneath this important customer behavior. Crave Retail has the solution…

With Crave Retail’s smart fitting room technology, increase basket size up to 20%…

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The dilemma:
  • Fitting rooms are a blind spot
  • Shoppers don’t have an easy way to get help
  • Unknown shopper and merchandise abandonment
  • Labor cuts are impacting associate effectiveness
  • No or few tools to maximize sales during these moments

Most retailers have little to no data about the critical buying moment

With Crave Retail’s smart fitting room, you can obtain shopper data, such as:

  • The customer’s name
  • Their personal style/fit
  • Number of fitting room visits
  • Impact on store revenue
  • Other merchandise interests
  • Which associate helped the shopper
  • Was the customer given timely service?

Crave Retail: The smart, safe, and scalable digital fitting room and analytics platform

How does it work? When a shopper walks into a room, they get an interactive experience to get on-demand assistance for help, new colors, sizes, or outfit recommendations.

Provide shopper assistance with the Associate Assist application

  • Personalize shopper engagement
  • Quickly respond to shopper needs
  • Offer product recommendations
  • Check inventory availability
  • Know when to clean rooms
  • Be more efficient

Deploying and installing Crave Retail’s smart fitting-room couldn’t be easier.

Utilize TDX Tech’s project management and rollout teams to centralize and simplify your Crave technology deployment and installation. One point-of-contact for your entire project means simpler and faster on-boarding, saving you valuable time and capital.
  • Project planning and project management
  • Hardware procurement
  • Hardware staging and configuration
  • Technology deployment and IT installation
  • 20,000+ technician service team
  • Structured cabling and wiring
  • Network hardware installation
  • On-going hardware support

tips-guide-whitepaper-downloadNews: We recently shared an article from Retail TouchPoints that discusses how Crave Retail is helping to create “…confident, and happy, customers..” Check it out »

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