IT Integration Services


IT Integration, Imaging, Staging, and Configuration

Our IT integration services, including configuration and staging, are a most cost-effective way to ensure the successful deployment and installation of your technology assets.

Our time-tested technology integration services and processes provide a foundation for increased availability and productivity for the life of your hardware; we’ll be there when devices or sub-components need to be replaced, upgraded or refreshed, with our 20,000+ nationwide network of technicians.

IT Integration, Staging, and Imaging ServicesHardware Systems Integration Services

Prior to deployment and installation at your locations, TDX Tech can design, stage, assemble, integrate and image or configure your network devices, servers, PCs, or POS systems in our large technical operations center. Our IT integration and staging services include imaging capabilities that ensure all necessary software and operating system updates will be installed and fully functional upon deployment.

Hardware Receipt, Audit, and Serialization

As a component of your IT integration services project, we’ll audit your entire hardware shipment to make sure everything has arrived at our IT integration and staging services center, and if anything is missing, we’ll generate an itemized report. Then our inventory management team will place serialized tracking tags on each item for instant accessibility and tracking via TDX Tech’s WebTrax™ portal.

IT Hardware Unboxing and Testing

To minimize out-of-box failures, our inventory management team runs all appropriate tests to make sure all systems meet 100% compliance prior to deployment, which is an integral part of our IT integration services.

Custom Software Loading and Testing

As part of your systems integration project, TDX Tech can load and test virtually any custom software  or settings that your business needs to ensure successful operation at deployment, as well as to optimize our project management processes and installation response-time.

Common IT Integration Services

We’ve embarked on a variety of systems integration and integration services-oriented projects, including these and others:

  • Point-of-Sale back-office server assembly, testing, and configuration
  • Apple Enterprise Management iPad software staging and configuration
  • Rack-mount server assembly, testing, and configuration
  • Network-attached storage RAID configuration and testing
  • BIOS flashing and OS upgrades on a variety of hardware platforms and systems
  • Network rack & enclosure assembly, imaging, and configuration
  • Digital signage enclosure, display, and media player installation and configuration
  • Self-checkout cabinet and technology staging, configuration, assembly, and installation
  • Much more…

Technology Replacements, Upgrades, and Refreshes

Continuous use of IT hardware assets often necessitates equipment refreshes. From a single unit, to refreshing multiple pieces of equipment, at multiple locations, our nationwide network of technicians and online tracking system, WebTrax™, ensures everything proceeds on schedule, from start to finish.

Partnering with TDX Tech for IT integration services can be extremely valuable to your organization it allows your teams to access our experienced professionals, who can provide a wide range of services, including system design, implementation, and maintenance. This can help your business save valuable time and money by allowing your team to focus on your core products and services, while leveraging our experts to handle your IT needs. Further, our technology integration services can help businesses ensure that systems stay secure, reliable, and uptodate. This can offer peace of mind, helping your businesses to stay competitive.

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As a full IT systems integrator, TDX Tech can stage, image, and configure your technology prior to deployment and installation. Utilize our Ticketing Portal  and WebTrax™ asset-tracking solution to keep tabs on everything.


Our dedicated project managers have been partnering with IT and project teams for 40+ years – we ensure that your technology deployments and installations succeed.

Manage projects, access reports, create tickets, and keep all team-members in the loop with our robust web-based IT project management portal, WebTrax™ and our self-service ticketing portal.

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