IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD)


IT Asset Disposition Services

TDX Tech knows the challenges of IT asset disposition (ITAD) and IT disposal. Our asset disposition and data destruction services meet EPA and PCI compliance standards, helping organizations safely remove sensitive information from IT hardware.

Hardware IT Asset Disposition & Disposal

Asset disposition and IT disposal are unique challenges for businesses. TDX Tech provides legal and insurance protection against pollution, retail data security and software infringement liability. We do this through a verifiable paper trail, transference of ownership, extensive limits of liability, and a network of the most qualified legal and insurance professionals who can help resolve any potential claims.

Data Destruction Services

TDX Tech will securely erase 100% of the data on drives, including complex SSDs, in PCs, laptops, servers, and storage environments. Manage multiple storage devices effectively with our advanced erasure solution. This solution supports regulatory compliance with tamper-proof reporting that creates a fail-proof audit trail for asset disposition.

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Asset disposal and recycling is more than just a way to remove unwanted e-waste. It’s taking responsibility for ourselves, our companies, our environment, and planet.


Destroy data on your disk drives to Department-of-Defense (DOD) specifications. Our process provides you with documented and certified compliance, giving you peace of mind.