North America Project Coverage


North American Deployments, Installations, Field Services, and Support

Use the interactive map to view TDX Tech’s historical North American coverage, based on unique zip codes. “Tip: click the full-screen icon Full screen icon for a larger view.

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Data updated 05/27/24 08:34:44 GMT (Code: 9401)
Locations Serviced
10 K+
Units Shipped
50 K+
Service Hours
10 K+

Note: Each marker or marker-cluster on the map indicates one or more unique zip codes where technology services by TDX Tech has occurred. These services include technician and technology deployments, field installations, and maintenance or repair services. In most cases, we have serviced multiple sites, multiple times, per zip code.


Our dedicated project managers have been partnering with IT and project teams for 40+ years – we ensure that your technology deployments and installations succeed.


From deployment services, to site-surveys and installations, our field service technicians have you covered. Our technology deployment experts are well-versed on virtually all IT projects and related infrastructure.


Since 1981, TDX Tech has provided technology lifecycle solutions to businesses throughout the world, including hardware solutions, field services, and depot maintenance programs.

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