iPad/iOS Lifecycle & Deployment Solutions


iPad/iOS MDM Deployments and Services

With mobile and remote work-forces, businesses everywhere are empowering their employees with Apple’s iPad tablet devices. And, with many employees continuing to work remotely or from home, corporate iPad staging and deployments have exploded.

The need for centralized mobile device management (MDM) for corporately owned iPads is now an absolute necessity. iPad MDM Deployment

This trend has also brought the need for comprehensive advance exchange and depot repair programs for tablets and other mobile devices.

iPad/iOS MDM Staging Services

With TDX Tech’s staging and deployment services, we can configure your iPad tablet systems’ corporate data and apps, to help you seamlessly separate users’ work and personal data.

Supported MDM Platforms

TDX Tech can support most leading MDM platforms, including Apple MDM, Microsoft Intune, Jamf, VMWare Workspace One, Kandji, and others. Choose the MDM or Endpoint Managament platform the suits you best.

Once staging and configurations are completed, we can deploy your iPad tablets to any location, business or personal, across North America and beyond.

We Provide End-to-End iPad/iOS Solutions:
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • iPad Tablet Device Procurement
  • Integration, Staging, and Configuration Services
  • Asset Deployment and Tracking
  • Custom Repair Programs

MDM Platform-Based Content Management

Managed iOS Apps
Centrally manage free or paid apps from Apple’s App Store, as well as your custom in-house apps. Apps can be installed and configured centrally by our staging professionals, prior to deployment. Once installed, your technology department can remove managed apps and their associated data on demand.
Managed iOS Accounts

Your user’s accounts can be pre-populated with their name, e-mail address, and, where applicable, certificate identities for authentication and signing. Types of accounts that can be configured include IMAP, CalDAV, Calendar subscriptions, CardDAV, Exchange ActiveSync, and LDAP

We offer support for both Apple and Microsoft MDM solutions.

iPad Tablet Repair Programs

TDX Tech’s repair professionals help keep your iPad tablet program costs down with fast and budget-friendly iPad repairs. With advance exchange programs and depot repair services, we can build an iPad support and maintenance program that’s right for you!

TDX Tech Makes it Easy to Stage and Deploy iPads to Your Distributed Workforce.

Utilize TDX Tech’s project management and rollout teams to centralize and simplify your iPad staging and deployments. One point-of-contact for your entire project means simpler and faster on-boarding, saving you valuable time and capital.
  • iPad project planning and management
  • iPad hardware procurement
  • iPad hardware staging and MDM configuration
  • Comprehensive asset-tracking and reporting
  • Hardware deployment and installation
  • 20,000+ technician service team
  • Network hardware installation
  • On-going iPad maintenance and repair programs
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