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Epson C31C515A8771

TM-U220D, Impact, two-color printing, 6 lps USB Interface, Tear Bar, Solid Cover & power supply. Order cables separately. See accessories. Color: Cool White. RoHS.

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Epson s TM-U220 printers are the enhanced,more powerful successors to Epson s best-sellingTM-U200 family.Available in three different models, Epson s TM-U220printers are compact, reliable and fast, and offer all theeasy-to-use features important to the retail, restaurantand hospitality industries.

  • Three printer models
  • Easy to operate
  • Faster print speed
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Two-color black and red printing
  • Impactful logo printing in black
  • Flexible paper widths


Universal Features

All three printer models in Epson sTM-U220 series are optimized forhigh-speed throughput so customerreceipts and kitchen orders printfaster than ever. For maximum efficiency,the TM-U220A, TM-U220Band TM-U220D all offer drop-inpaper loading and two-color, blackand red printing to highlight specialoffers and print more impactful logos,and an adjustable paper width featurethat allows you to use 58, 70 or 76mmpaper rolls for more flexibility andgreater cost savings.

A Model for Every Need

With Epson s TM-U220 series, youhave the freedom to select the modelthat best fits your needs. The TMU220Aand TM-U220B come withan autocutter so you can choosebetween a full or partial cut, and anAuto Status Back function thatautomatically transmits changes inthe printer status. The TM-U220Aincludes a take-up journal device andthe TM-U220B and the TM-U220Dhave a wall-mounting option thatprints the receipt right side up for easyreading right out of the printer. Andof course, all three printers feature thequality, reliability and advancedprinting technology that Epson isfamous for.

Smooth and Easy Transition

To make upgrading even easier,Epson s TM-U220 series has beendesigned to be 100% compatiblewith existing systems that currentlyuse a TM-U200 printer. Becausethe external dimensions of theTM-U200 and TM-U220 printerseries are almost identical,transitioning to a new TM-U220printer is as simple as removingthe TM-U200 and dropping inthe new TM-U220 and AC adapter.

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