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IBM 4820-46T

IBM 4820-46T SurePoint Touch Display

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The IBM 4820 Model 46T is a touch-screen display that attaches to the 4694 POS Terminal (and other select systems) via the industry-standard analog video and RS-485 interfaces.

The IBM 4820 Model 46T has all the same features and performance as the 46D but also incorporates a Capacitive Touch-Screen for manual input and additional I/O capability. A highly convenient Magnetic Stripe Reader is available that easily snaps onto the display. A 32-key, programmable keypad which offers familiar key-entry of data is available that also includes an integrated magnetic stripe reader. The thumb-operated pointing device enables users to navigate both browser and Windows-based applications with ease. A Speaker/Microphone kit is also available. This enables the user to take full advantage of multimedia capability. These I/O devices attach to the system units via RS485 connections.

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