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IBM 4838-710

17-inch display, infrared touch, 1.8Ghz AMD Sempron Processor, 512 MB Memory, 80 GB HDD, Depot, and language support.

Used IBM P.O.S. Hardware
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Model Abstract 4838-710

The IBM 4838 AnyPlace Kiosk Model 710 has a 17-inch display, infrared touch, AMD Sempron Processor, 512 MB Memory, 80 GB HDD, Depot, and language support.

The IBM 4838 next generation of IBM AnyPlace solutions features the ultra-compact IBM AnyPlace Kiosk and IBM AnyPlace POS Hub. The IBM AnyPlace platform is an off-the-shelf product that is specially engineered for a long product life cycle in harsh, public environments and designed to fit in nearly any environment. Created to withstand the rigors of unattended use, each 15-in, 17-in, and 19-in model features a space-saving form factor, an IR (Infrared) touchscreen, and multiple peripheral and third-party enclosure options. The hybrid design ensures a common system image between various screens sizes, linking the Kiosk and POS Hub for maximum business flexibility and reduced IT costs. This facilitates easy, rapid deployment, while its potentially compact design is ideal where space is at a premium.

BM AnyPlace solutions are designed to help meet your existing business needs and to help accommodate future requirements. By leveraging open-industry standards, IBM AnyPlace solutions provide broad operating system and application support, giving you the flexibility to use many applications that run in a variety of environments, on thin or thick clients. With its open standards-based platform, the IBM AnyPlace is designed to run most off-the-shelf software and applications created by IBM, independent software vendors (ISVs), or your in-house team. Many available applications have also been tested by ISVs for optimal performance on IBM AnyPlace Kiosk technology.

Today's consumers demand high-quality service and product availability wherever they shop -- and they expect more from each shopping experience.

With the IBM AnyPlace Kiosk, you can give customers access to a much broader assortment of merchandise without adding a single square foot of real estate. Provide more merchandise in various sizes, colors, styles, and options to satisfy a wider range of customers.

Interact with customers

People want instant access to information, special services, and e-business transactions, whether they are shopping, traveling, or dining out. With IBM AnyPlace Kiosk solutions, you can deliver a rich, compelling, interactive experience directly to customers - virtually anywhere. These kiosks combine robust computing power, a state-of-the-art infrared (IR) touchscreen display and optional peripherals in a slim, tapered design that is easy to place. Cost-effective, they are ideal for pervasive installation. Multiple mounting options enable you to place kiosks at touchpoints convenient to customers and employees.

Compact IBM Anyplace Kiosk solutions can help you revolutionize your business, differentiate yourself from competitors, and influence end-user decisions as they happen.

IBM AnyPlace POS (Point-of-Sale) Hub

Leveraging the ultra-compact size of the IBM AnyPlace, retailers can now use this platform as a point-of-sale system. This solution provides an unmatched level of placement flexibility. This also allows a business to deploy only one hybrid platform - for either Kiosk or POS scenarios. The optional IBM AnyPlace POS Hub provides expansion in the form of powered USB ports, cash drawer port, and additional power for the AnyPlace system unit. This flexible unit can be mounted on a shelf, mounted to the underside of a counter, or wall mounted.

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