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IBM 4840-54R

IBM SurePOS 54R Terminal (Premium) IOR Warranty Administrative Model,w/12.1" Dual Bulb, Active, Ultra Bright Color LCD w/Touch

Used IBM P.O.S. Hardware
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Model Abstract 4840-54R

The IBM SurePOS 500 Series Model 54R is an administrative unit that is equivalent to model 542 but is covered with IOR On-Site warranty service instead of EasyServ (Depot) warranty service. Throughout the salespages, references to the 5x2 and 6x2 models should be assumed to apply also to the equivalent 5xR and 6xR models.

SurePOS 540 (Premium)

The SurePOS 540 is ideal for retailers who want the advantages of a SurePOS 560 including an ultra-bright active matrix display image and the widest viewing angle, but who are not considering full multimedia or wireless at the POS. An array of optional features allow you to customize the solution. The model 541 offers an AMD K6-2 400 MHz processor, 32 MB memory, and a 10.1GB or larger hard disk drive. The model 542 offers a 1.2 GHz or faster Intel Celeron processor, 64 MB memory, and a 20 GB or larger hard disk drive.

With these SurePOS 500 and 600 Series system units and integrated touch screens or display screens you can easily create the perfect solution for your business.

The SurePOS 500 models 532, 542, 552, 562, and SurePOS 600 models 622, 642, and 652 feature:

  • 1.2 GHz processors, 64 MB memory and a 20 GB (or higher) hard disk drive (Model Dependent)
  • 8 MB of UMA video memory is standard (16 MB or 32 MB can be defined).
  • 12.1-inch touch and non-touch active LDC models (model dependent). a 15 inch LCD is available via RPQ (six week lead time required).
  • 64 MB Compact Flash (64MB Compact Flash may be specified for Model 532 only. If specified, it replaces the hard disk drive. A priced feature for 128 MB Compact Flash is also available for the Model 532.)
  • Wall-mount capability. (Wall mounting is mode dependent to the 500 Series and available for 600 Series via RPQ.)
  • Port enhancements, including two additional standard USB ports underneath the front LCD panel.
  • Combine with the SurePoint Solution -- an active matrix display that attaches to any SurePOS 500 or 600 Series model
  • Combine with a choice of SureMark POS Printers for fast, quiet printing
  • Provide sound and a PCMCIA slot for functions such as wireless or modems (model dependent)

The SurePOS 500 Series provides industry-leading solutions for food service and hospitality providers worldwide who require touch solutions. The SurePOS 500 is an integrated sleek and attractive system designed for the rigors of the Food Service and Hospitality industries that provides restaurant hardening for high reliability that is critical to these industries.

Both the SurePOS 500 and 600 Series include a variety of system units and optional features, including the IBM SureMark printers, IBM keyboard, and the IBM SurePoint Solution, allowing providers to choose the right combination of open systems, flexibility, speed, performance, and functionality to meet their requirements.

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