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IBM 4840-65I

IBM SurePOS 65I Terminal (Touch Multimedia) wide viewing angle through a single-bulb active matrix LCD, wireless capability through a PCMCIA type-II slot, touch screen and multimedia.

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Model Abstract 4840-65I

The IBM SurePOS 650 Series Model 65I is an administrative model equivalent to model 651.

The SurePOS 600 Series is designed for retail specialties. You can configure the SurePOS 600 systems to support a wide variety of both IBM and non IBM I/O devices, everything from standard serial-attached devices such as the IBM Kitchen Subsystem or IBM 4610 SureMark printer, to USB-attached devices.

SurePOS 650 (Touch Multimedia)

The Touch Multimedia model for Specialty retail has the same features as model 621 with the following differences:

  • 12.1 Single Bulb (Active) color LCD, with touch
  • Multimedia
  • Wall Mountable

The IBM SurePOS 650 combines an integrated touch screen with the processing power and flexibility to support full-function point of sale (POS) or combined POS/back-office applications. This system is ideal for multimedia applications. It provides a bright single-bulb active matrix display providing a wide viewing angle, and a PCMCIA slot. The PCMCIA slot enables the use of wireless terminals where it is difficult to string cable. An array of optional features allow you to customize your solution. The model 651 offers an AMD K6-2 400 MHz processor, 32 MB memory, and a 10.1GB or larger hard disk drive. The model 652 offers a 1.2 GHz or faster Intel Celeron processor, 64 MB memory, and a 20 GB or larger hard disk drive.

The SurePOS 500 models 531, 541, 551, 561, and SurePOS 600 models 611, 621, and 651 feature:

  • 400 MHz processors, 32 MB memory and a 10.1 GB (or higher) hard disk drive (Model Dependent)
  • Combine with the SurePoint Solution -- an active matrix LCD in either touch or non-touch versions, attaches to any SurePOS 500 or 600 Series model.
  • Combine with a choice of SureMark POS Printers for fast, quiet printing
  • Provide sound and a PCMCIA slot for functions such as wireless or modems (model dependent)

The SurePOS 600 Series leverages IBM's experience to provide industry-leading solutions for specialty retailers that require both touch and non-touch solutions. The SurePOS 600 is designed for medium and large Specialty Retailers creating unique store environments which require a powerful yet elegantly designed system, IBM delivers the SurePOS 600, an all-in-one solution with high performance and attractive design. The SurePOS 600 looks sleek which will enhance your customer's hopping experience and help you sell better.

The SurePOS 500 Series provides industry-leading solutions for food service and hospitality providers worldwide who require touch solutions. The SurePOS 500 is an integrated sleek and attractive system designed for the rigors of the Food Service and Hospitality industries that provides restaurant hardening for high reliability that is critical to these industries.

Both the SurePOS 500 and 600 Series include a variety of system units and optional features, including the IBM SureMark printers, IBM keyboard, and the IBM SurePoint Solution, allowing providers to choose the right combination of open systems, flexibility, speed, performance, and functionality to meet their requirements.

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