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NCR 7872-0693-9090

RealScan 72 Subcompact SA Scanner RoHS, w/PACESETTER 3, English speech, RS232, no top, no power cord, no Checkpoint

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The NCR RealScan 7872 Low-Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale stacks a mountain of capabilities into a powerful, but streamlined system - to enhance cashier comfort even in the closest of quarters. Developed in response to specific retailer requests, it builds the sophistication of bi-optic scanning technology into a sleek, ergonomically sound solution, while designed to remain affordable and easy to service. The NCR RealScan 7872 offers flexible configuration options, allowing the buyer to prioritize scanner features within budgetary constraints.

The NCR RealPOS Low-Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale is designed to provide best-in-class performance, usability and flexibility for retailers around the world

With its compact, low-profile footprint, this scanner/scale is ideal for space-constrained checkouts and seated cashier environments.

Best-in-class performance

The NCR RealPOS Low-Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale incorporates NCR s Optical Effects Technology (OFX), featuring a cutting-edge design that drives more scan lines at greater lengths to dramatically improve performance. The resulting dense pattern of scan lines captures and reads even difficult-to-read barcodes, including those that are small and truncated.

Intuitive cashier interface

To make it even easier to use, the cashier interface offers a customizable scan adviser using five brightly color-controlled LEDs, which communicate scanner status and successful scans.

Improved operational efficiency

This scanner/scale includes many features designed to make it easier to service and provide greater configuration flexibility. This protects your investment and reduces total cost of ownership. Serviceability enhancements include three independent service zones that require only five screws (of the same type) to service the entire scanner.

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