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Symbol AP-4121-1000US

AP 4121, Commercial Access Point, 11 MB, Integrated Diversity Antenna

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Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 High Rate 4121 Access Points strategically placed throughout the enterprise are the wireless connectivity point to an Ethernet network, or the hub of a standalone wireless network.

Operating in the 2.4 GHz band at speeds up to a fast 11 Mbps, Spectrum24 High Rate wireless connectivity mobilizes today s fast-paced workforce with instant, untethered secure access to vital network resources including corporate intranets, the Internet, information databases, e-mail and other productivity and service applications. And it eliminates the expense and time of wiring when IS requirements call for temporary, ad hoc, small office and kiosk networking.

Scalable Connectivity for Laptops, PDAs, Desktop and Mobile Clients

The Spectrum24 High Rate 4121 Access Point supports up to 127 clients with Wi-Fi certified 802.11b client cards, including Symbol s PC and CompactFlash format Wireless Networker cards for laptops and PDAs, and Spectrum24 High Rate Universal Serial Bus for desktop and other USB-enabled equipment. Mobile voice and data devices with embedded wireless connectivity cards also communicate with the Spectrum24 High Rate 4121 Access Point. Adding more access points scales your Spectrum24 High Rate wireless LAN to support additional users.

Multi-Option Security Protects Data

The 4121 Access Point features multi-mode security options to meet data protection requirements: industry-standard 40 and 128 bit WEP encryption; Kerberos V5 based mobile security; or a combination of these choices.

Dynamic Rate Scaling, High-Speed Roaming for Maximum Range and Throughput

The Spectrum24 High Rate 4121 Access Point dynamically rate scales, transmitting data at 11 Mbps then automatically scaling to 5.5 Mbps, 2 Mbps, and 1 Mbps to ensure best range and throughput. As signal strength decreases the transmit rate also decreases, ensuring maximum range while maintaining data integrity. High-speed roaming additionally ensures Spectrum24 High Rate clients seek the best possible data rate for fastest throughput.

Mobile IP, International Roaming

Mobile IP functionality allows the 4121 to seamlessly roam across routers as clients physically move from one subnet to another. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity as associates move throughout your facility. Support of the IEEE 802.11d standard for international roaming enables simple, easy operation for international use the access point automatically adjusts to local country and regulatory requirements.

Easy Administration and Network Management

The Spectrum24 High Rate 4121 Access Point is administered using SNMP and a number of bundled management tools for quick install, maintenance, and upgrade. In addition, you can manage your entire WLAN installation using Symbol s suite of wireless management tools, including software for monitoring and controlling network activity and performance.

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