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Symbol CB-3000-0010-WWR

CB3000, Includes Antenna, Ethernet cable and Power supply. RoHS.

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CB3000 Client Bridge

Extend affordable and secure 802.11a/b/g wireless connectivity to multiple Ethernet devices including cash registers, scales, time clocks and more. The CB3000 Client Bridge provides affordable and reliable wireless connectivity for Ethernet devices that do not have a PC or PCI card slot. Connect everything from printers, scales and medical equipment, to manufacturing machinery, bar code readers, time clocks, cash registers and other data collection devices via an RJ-45 port. This cost-efficient connection point can support up to 16 wireless clients via an Ethernet hub. And advanced security capabilities protect your traffic from being deciphered and your network from unauthorized access.


POS Protocol Support: RPL, PXE; Limit one RPL or PXE terminal per bridge

Standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g; IEEE 802.3; IEEE 802.1d; 802.11i; 802.11h (DFS/TCP); HTTPS

Supported Devices: Windows-based PCs equipped with Ethernet cards; point-of-sale devices; network printers; thin clients; Mac/Apple machines; Linux/ Unix workstations; Ethernet-enabled appliances; and/or mix of all devices listed

Device Manager: Windows 2000, Windows XP

Approved Antennas: ML-2452-APA2-01R 3dBi/4dBi Dual Band Omni-Directional (included)ML-2499-HPA3-01 5 dbi 802.11b/g Omni-DirectionalML-2499-SD3-01 Patch antenna, 3 dBi, 2.4 GHzML-2499-BYGA2-01 Yagi bridge antenna, 15 dBi, 35 deg beamML-5299-HPA1-01 Omni Antenna, 5 dBi, 5 GHzML-5299-WPNA1-01 Wall Mounting Panel Antenna, 5 GHz

Radio Sensitivity (minimum): 802.11b 1 Mbps andndash; 97 dBm2 Mbps andndash; 93 dBm5.5 Mbps andndash; 91 dBm11 Mbps andndash; 85 dBm802.11a 6 Mbps andndash; 90 dBm9 Mbps andndash; 88 dBm12 Mbps andndash; 87 dBm18 Mbps andndash; 85 dBm24 Mbps andndash; 81 dBm36 Mbps andndash; 79 dBm48 Mbps andndash; 73 dBm54 Mbps andndash; 72 dBm

Nominal Transmitter Power: 802.11b/g 20.5 dBm+1/-1.5 dBm @ 1, 2, 5.5, 11 Mbps20.5 dBm +1/-1.5 dBm @ 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 Mbps18.5 dBm +1/-1.5 dBm @ 36 Mbps17.5 dBm +1/-1.5 dBm @ 48 Mbps16.5 dBm +1/-1.5 dBm @ 54 Mbps802.11a 20.5 dBm +1/-1.5 dBm @ 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 Mbps16.5 dBm +1/-1.5 dBm @ 36 Mbps15.5 dBm +1/-1.5 dBm @ 48 Mbps14.5 dBm +1/-1.5 dBm @ 54 Mbps

Business challenge

You need to connect your cash registers to your network, but the need to move the registers throughout the year to accommodate seasonal needs will result in high wiring costs.


Quickly and easily extend cost-effective wireless connectivity for up to 16 cash registers with a single CB3000. And when you need to move your registers to better serve holiday buyers, or for an improved floor plan, just simply relocate the CB3000 with the devices to maintain wireless connectivity - without incurring the expense and time of wiring and re-wiring.

Business challenge

You have an application that will deliver competitive advantage, but it requires the capture real time data from some of your larger equipment. Since the equipment does not have a PC or PCI card slot, you cannot establish the wireless connectivity you need.


The CB3000 extends wireless connectivity to equipment that typically would not be able to establish a wireless connection via the RJ-45 port. Ideal for connecting printers, scales, time clocks, point-of-sale and more to your wireless network.

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