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Symbol M2007-I400-0100ZN

M2007 Cyclone, Scanner, USB cable - Color: white

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Symbol's M2007 Cyclone Captures More Data to Enhance Your Applications

A smart investment, Symbol's innovative scanner is future-ready now. The M2007 Cyclone scanner decodes existing, new and emerging barcode symbologies instantly. The Cyclone scanner is packed with features that deliver optimum flexibility including next generation scanning technology. As good looking as it is practical, the Cyclone's sleek design complements any store's decor. Large merchandise or small, single or multiple barcode types, this scanner can handle it all. Revolutionary user-selectable scan pattern versatility plus remarkable ease of use and adaptability make the Adaptive Cyclone Scanner Series from Symbol Technologies a standout for barcode scanning at point of sale. The M2007 Cyclone Cyclone also features a USB interface and built-in adjustable stand, allowing for quick and easy out-of-the-box operation. Reads Reduced Space Symbology (RSS).

M2007 Cyclone Features and Benefits

  • Reads 1-D, 2-D, and Composite UCC/EAN and RSS barcode symbologies: Capture more data and future-proof your investment
  • M2007 Cyclone uses the latest, brightest visible laser diode technology: Scanner is easy to aim, even in brightest sunlight
  • Scan pattern switches and mode indicator LEDs are top-mounted for easy viewing: Switching scan patterns is easy and convenient for operations with a mix of applications, barcodes and merchandise
  • Handheld or hands-free operation: Operators can scan heavy and bulky items without lifting them onto the checkstand; scan smaller items without lifting the scanner.
  • Built-in, adjustable stand: Operators adjust the M2007 Cyclone to their preference to optimize efficiency for maximum throughput

Portable Data File (PDF) is a 2-D data file that holds up to 1 kilobyte of data.

  • Age Verification: Many authorities now encode the date of birth in the PDF symbol on a driver's license, preventing the sale of alcohol or tobacco products to underage customers.
  • National Identification Cards: Many countries use national ID cards to open credit and telephone accounts and for identification at border crossings.
  • Customer Loyalty Cards: Track customers' shopping habits.

Choose the Best Scan Pattern for Your Application At the point of sale, the M2007 Cyclone captures barcode data instantly, shorting checkout lines with point-and-scan performance on 1-D, 2-D, RSS and CS symbologies.

M2007 Cyclone Omni-Directional Scan Pattern: A rotating omni-directional scan pattern reads even truncated barcodes by eliminating scan pattern holes.

  • Raster Scan Pattern: The Cyclone's scan pattern automatically covers 2-D and CS symbols for the best scanning performance on damaged and poorly printed barcodes, while eliminating the need for operator training.
  • Semi Omni Scan Pattern: The Semi Omni scan pattern is a combination of the omni-directional and raster scan patterns. This unique pattern has superb decoding performance on extremely truncated barcodes that you find on small items in convenience, drug and specialty stores.

High Density Single Line Scan Pattern: The Cyclone's single scan line appears as a mini raster and scans multiple areas of 1-D codes to swiftly and accurately capture data on poorly printed and damaged barcodes. The single line is ideal for reading barcoded menus and pick lists.

Bright LEDs indicate which scan pattern is working. For intuitive aiming accuracy, even in the brightest lighting conditions and for can't miss, single-pass scanning, the laser diode emits a highly visible beam for easy-to-see scan patterns. When you lift the scanner off the counter, it automatically switches from hands-free to handheld mode. The M2007 Cyclone immediately adjusts the scan pattern for optimum handheld data capture. Put the scanner back on the counter and it automatically returns to hands-free mode. If countertop space is at a premium, just place the M2007 Cyclone in the optional wall-mount stand.

Premium Features and Unique Ergonomics Adapt to Many Uses

The Cyclone's adjustable, built-in stand accommodates scanning a wide range of item sizes for efficient throughput. The ergonomically shaped handle fits snugly in the hand to ensure a secure grip. The large, contoured scan trigger is handle-mounted for easy point-and-shoot operation. The patented two-finger trigger operates with minimum effort and delivers superior sensory feedback.

There's no need to change the scanner's orientation when changing the scan pattern. All of the scan patterns exit the M2007 Cyclone from the large, scratch-resistant and deeply recessed window at the front of the scanner. The broad, rounded stand supplies rock-solid support for checkstand or countertop use. For maximum non-slip security, rubber feet cushion the bottom of the scanner.

Ingenious Design Provides Superior Throughput

Symbol's attention to detail comes through in design elements such as the twin beepers built into the sides of the M2007 Cyclone handle. The scanner beeper is loud enough to be heard by operators working in noisy environments.

M2007 Cyclone s offer a host of high-performance features for unmatched adaptability at the point of sale. The M2007 Cyclone provides direct connections to IBM, USB, RS-232 and Symbol's Synapse smart cabling that provides connectivity to all popular host terminals. Synapse Smart Cables eliminate the need for separate scanner-to-host controllers. Electronic Article Surveillance deactivation is also an option; locating the deactivation antenna within the scanner saves precious space at the point of sale, and eliminates secondary operations.

Advanced Data Formatting, another Symbol breakthrough, enhances M2007 Cyclone data capture productivity. No need to modify host-system software to match data input formats. Instead, simply program the Cyclone. The scanner translates the barcode string and, for later tracking, stamps the barcode prefix with time, date and the number of the employee who scanned the data.

Like every scanner from Symbol, the M2007 Cyclone is an unbeatable value because it is backed by Symbol's global network of service and support from the world leader in barcode-driven data management systems, with millions of scanners and terminals installed.

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