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Symbol MC50-IQ10

MC50, Wireless Enterprise Digital Assistant (SE 4400 Pico Imager engine with 1D/2D and RSS support, QWERTY Keyboard, 802.11b wir

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Increase Productivity and Gain Access to Real-time Information

With data capture, voice telephony, smart battery, device level management, wireless and security options, on-the-go professionals are empowered to make rapid, informed decisions. This convenient mobile computer delivers enterprise-class functionality, including support for e-mail, phone, scheduling/calendar, signature capture, CRM, sales force automation and other enterprise applications. With the MC50 in hand, retail store managers, merchandisers and salespeople have the necessary tool to create and maintain a competitive advantage.

Deploy and Manage Mobility Systems More Effectively

The MC50 enables superior manageability and rapid integration into new or existing IT infrastructures. Its Microsoft Windows MobileTM software platform offers compatibility with, Oracle , Siebel , SAP and IBM customer relationship management (CRM) software for easy, fast rollouts into any environment. Adding mobility management software allows you to quickly deploy and manage thousands of MC50 devices with instant visibility and control over all the mobile computers, wireless networks and applications from an intuitive, Web-based interface.

Enhanced Durability for Frequent, Extended Use

The MC50 is designed to be more durable than a consumer-grade PDA. Extra reliability is built into every aspect of the MC50 from battery contacts to keypads to acoustics to ensure it exceeds the performance demands of daily, high-volume usage. Managers, supervisors and sales professionals can feel more confident using the MC50 from anywhere at anytime, whether it is on the road, on the sales floor or at a customer site.

Symbol Enterprise Mobility Services

Symbol Enterprise Mobility Services ensure that your mobility solution works seamlessly and at maximum efficiency from defining your business requirements through ongoing service and support.

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