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Symbol MK2046-1210-WW

MK 2000, Micro Kiosk Scanner with 6.4 inch Touch Display, RS-232 and RS-485, 32MB DRAM, 64MB Flash, 11Mb Wireless Radio and SE32

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MK 2000 Web-Enabled Self-Service Kiosk

The MK 2000 Micro Kiosk from Symbol Technologies is the perfect space-saving device to cost-effectively deploy and run multimedia and bar code scanning applications throughout your retail environment. This versatile, interactive self-service kiosk empowers you to grow your sales opportunities while reducing your internal store operation costs. With a depth of less than 4 in. (10 cm) and a bright, eye-catching 6.4 in. (16.26 cm) VGA display, the MK 2000 is compact in size yet easily visible and intuitive for first-time users. Customers are attracted to the vibrant screen and become quickly engaged by the device's easy-to-use interactive touch screen. Also, employees receive in-aisle access to mission-critical information from any location on the floor. Common uses include:


Customer Applications

Pre-sales assistance:

  • Price verification
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Guided selling
  • Order automation
  • Music listening station


Customer service:

  • Store map display
  • Customer assistance
  • Coupon printing


Brand loyalty:

  • Frequent shopper information
  • Loyalty card specials


Employee Applications


  • Record and send overhead pages
  • Access in-store voicemail


SKU management:

  • Enter alerts (over/under stock)
  • Get SKU details


Time and attendance:

  • Clock in / out
  • Work schedules access


Human resources:

  • Read employee bulletins
  • Training


Creating Customer and Employee Applications is Easy

For IT teams, the MK 2000 software development kit (SDK) makes it easier and faster than ever before to create and deploy applications. The comprehensive SDK includes the Kiosk Software Suite, a fully functional HTML-based demonstration application with source code. It also supports printing capabilities from a variety of programming environments including the browser-based Kiosk Software Suite. Large and small deployments are streamlined with a simple to use, menu-based configuration utility for automated, remote device set up and management. All of these features enable you to build interactive solutions to satisfy even the most demanding business goals while staying on time and on budget - with one device.


Delivering Return on Investment (ROI)

The MK 2000 allows you to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction for a stronger bottom line. It also frees your sales associates from time-consuming activities, increasing efficiency and productivity per employee with in-aisle access to task critical information. In addition, you can rollout the MK 2000 with more confidence because it's from Symbol Technologies a global retail solutions leader with proven systems at work in millions of locations around the world.

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