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Symbol P470-SR1001100FB

P470, scanner. Includes 512K flash memory, 2.4GHz narrowband, & battery. No display, no keypad

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Cordless RF Scanners with Programmable Architecture

If your business applications demand cordless real-time data capture and transmission, demand the P470 scanners. These high-performance cordless scanners give users the freedom to go wherever data collection is needed-up to 100 ft./30 m or more from the host system, even without direct line of sight. Real-time wireless data capture keeps loading docks, factory floors and warehouses operating at peak efficiency, enabling instant decision-making and seamless communications throughout the enterprise. Ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue in scan-intensive applications, the P470 features a top-mounted keypad and display for effortless access and increased productivity. Shipped with a free application, users can scan and transmit data, manually key in alphanumeric records, and eliminate repetitive scanning by keying in quantities right out of the box.

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