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Symbol PDT7246-RII40WUS

PDT 7246, 16MB RAM, 16MB flash, 802.11b. Includes SE2200 2D Corona raster scanner, 15-pin mini RS-232 port, rubber boot & Wi

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Advanced Data Collection for Extreme Environments

The PDT 7246 Portable Data Terminal takes portable computing to where it has never been before: extreme environments. This light-weight handheld terminal features a powerful processor and the industry's most innovative productivity enhancements. These include voice paging, touch screen control, and one- and two-dimensional barcode scanning. Engineered to perform under the harshest operating conditions, the PDT 7246 is packed with features that make it perfect for the most demanding data management environments in stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses or on the road. Powering the terminal is a fast, 486-based, 32-bit microprocessor that runs industry-standard Microsoft MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows CE. The terminal comes with a generous 4 MB of RAM expandable to 16 MB, plus 4-32 MB of flash memory (expandable using standard compact flash cards.) This assures excellent performance, even when running large applications for data-intensive tasks such as tracking inventory, ordering merchandise or managing material, vehicles and equipment. An integrated PCMCIA slot and sturdy internal antenna link mobile workers to host-based data and applications over a Symbol Spectrum24 wireless network.

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