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Symbol PDT8100-T4BA3000

PDT 8100, 37 keys, color display, XScale processor. Includes 1D scanner

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Tap, Type, or Scan - Maximum Versatility in a Portable Data Terminal

The PDT 8100 Series bridges the gap between pure pen-based and key-based mobile data collection solutions. The first Pocket PC device available with multiple keyboard options, the PDT 8100 is a versatile, large-screen handheld that delivers the functionality of Pocket PC with the convenience of tactile, key-based data entry. Designed to meet mobile data management demands in an array of markets, the PDT 8100 offers features and options to suit diverse applications and business needs. For instance, multiple keyboard options are available for maximum data entry efficiency in different environments. Route accounting professionals may prefer the 28-key numeric keyboard, whereas retail customers may opt for either a 37- or 47-key alphanumeric keyboard.

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