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What CIOs, CTOs, and IT Leaders Want from a Retail Tech Company

We've compiled a list of the top criteria CIOs, CTOs, and technology leaders often look for when partnering with retail technology companies (aka retail tech companies) for retail IT support. More specifically, as related to physical technology hardware and IT infrastructure for their brick-and-mortar stores, as well as their retail distribution centers.

In order of importance, retail tech companies look for these attributes, based on our experiences:

  1. Reliable and Durable Technology Hardware:
    Physical technology hardware for retailers must be robust and reliable to ensure uninterrupted operations. Downtime can lead to revenue losses and customer dissatisfaction. TDX Tech only works with credible, reliable, and retail-hardened solutions that come from leading technology manufacturers.
  2. Secure Technology:
    Security is paramount in retail. Hardware should include features like physical locks, tamper detection, and secure mounting options to protect against theft and vandalism.
  3. Scalable Hardware Solutions
    Retail stores may need to expand or adapt their technology infrastructure over time. Scalable hardware solutions allow for seamless growth without frequent replacements.
  4. Ease of Maintenance:
    Technology hardware that's easy to maintain reduces the need for increased service tickets and frequent technician deployments. This helps to minimize downtime and service costs, providing a significant benefit to a retailers' IT budget.
  5. Integration Compatible Hardware
    Hardware should seamlessly integrate with the retailer's existing systems. TDX Tech can help to ensure that deployed hardware is compatible with exiting POS systems, inventory management solutions, and other critical infrastructure and components.
  6. Energy Efficient Hardware:
    Energy-efficient technology hardware reduces operational costs and environmental impact, aligning with the retailer's sustainability goals, while protecting budgets. TDX Tech works with retailers to find energy sensitive solutions to help with this critical effort.
  7. Compatibility with Existing Peripherals:
    Compatibility with various peripherals is vital for in-store functionality. TDX Tech can recommend and deploy hardware that can efficiently connect to existing barcode scanners, receipt printers,customer displays, and more.

Hopefully you found this list, detailing what technology leaders often look for when partnering with retail technology companies, to be valuable. We're eager to talk to you about what you're looking for in a retail tech company, for your next project.

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