Service Partner

Service Partner


Contact Information

  • Toll Free: (800) 328-3884
  • Email:

Why Become a TDX Tech Approved Service Partner?

  • Gain priority access to upcoming work orders in your coverage area
  • Deal directly with the TDX Tech Project Team
  • Assist in scheduling and route creation on large scale roll outs
  • Direct Invoicing

Approved Service Partner Requirements:

  • Documentation and Insurance
    • Sign a TDX Tech Master Services Agreement (MSA)
    • Sign a TDX Tech Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)
    • Complete a W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number Form
    • Provide proof that you have a minimum of the following insurance coverage's:
      • General Liability: 2 Million Per Occurrence
      • Automotive Liability: 1 Million Per Occurrence
      • Worker's Compensations: Meets State Statutory Limits
  • Performance
    • Agree to use only direct employees and never subcontract any TDX Tech work orders
    • Technicians always check in with TDX Tech prior to entering and check out with TDX Tech prior to leaving any work order location
    • All work will be performed up to industry codes and standards
    • All deliverables will be submitted to TDX Tech within 48 hours of work order completion
    • Technicians will be representing themselves as an employee of TDX Tech while on site

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