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TDX Tech makes it easy to manage any project and keep all team members in the loop with our Web-based project management tool, WebTrax™. Our affordable, proprietary solution is engineered to manage technology devices and on-site integration. WebTraxAT™ (Asset Tracking) lets you view inventory levels, outgoing shipments, receipt of new shipments and status of repairs. WebTraxEXT™ (Deployment Services) lets you track onsite technician note for maintenance deployments and projects.

Inventory Management / Search

Our team will work closely with you to understand your inventory requirements, and develop a plan that stocks inventory according to your expected needs. All of your inventory levels at TDX Tech can be viewed in real time, 24/7. 

Real Time Order Tracking

Now you can track your company’s incoming product receipts and outgoing product orders in real time with the TDX Tech Real Time Order Tracking system. You can also access critical freight information such as ship dates, source, destination and tracking numbers.

RMA Tracking

No matter where your products and materials are in the business cycle, our RMA Tracking system makes it easy to track product returns to vendors, or receipt of returns from customers.

Repair Status Tracking

Using our Repair Status Tracking system, you can instantly track the status of all products within our maintenance department and view all pending repairs.

On-Demand Reporting / Statistics

Our project management tools let you generate on-demand reports and statistics for a particular project, to help you make informed decisions as your project moves forward.

Technician Status – Check In / Out

On all TDX Tech managed projects, the status of technicians is monitored, service notes are recorded and pictures are saved, along with Check In/Out information. This helps you plan for future needs by tracking pertinent data, as well as the time and resources needed to complete a project.

Work in Progress Reportings

Our accurate, timely Work In Progress (WIP) reports help ensure service jobs are completed on-time and on-budget. These reports can also help you plan for future needs and subsequent follow-up actions.

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