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How Verkada Helix Helps Retailers Combat Chargeback Fraud

Retailers, did you know there is a new way to help prevent fraudulent chargebacks? According this Verkada blog, "[w]ith video evidence supporting transaction records, businesses are in a much stronger position to dispute fraudulent chargebacks." Verkada's Helix solution "...offers physical retail spaces a number of proof points in chargeback investigations and proactive defense."

Excerpt: "Given the ease with which chargebacks can be initiated (and with a low burden of proof on the part of the initiator), this behavior results in significant financial losses and damages merchant reputations and customer relationships by asking banks to act as intermediaries when the businesses themselves may be able to quickly resolve disputes instead."

Check out this blog to see how Verkada cameras, combined with "Helix," are helping retailers prevent fraudulent chargeback cases:

TDX Tech can help your organization procure, deploy, and install the latest Verkada camera technology for all of your brick-and-mortar locations. Learn more:

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