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Designed with simplicity in mind, Verkada's product lines - video security cameras, access control, environmental sensors, alarms, intercoms, visitor management and mailroom management - provide unparalleled building security through an integrated, secure cloud-based software platform.
Verkada Security Products

Hardware-Only Verkada Pricing

Verkada provides list price information for all their current products, which includes both hardware and cloud license fees. You can find this information at:

Important: Verkada's pricing page only provides list price information. For quantity discounts, or for pricing that includes additional services, like site-surveys, site-assessments, cabling, or other installation services, please contact TDX Tech for a custom quote.

Turnkey Verkada Security Solutions Pricing

Procure, stage, deploy, and install Verkada's security solutions

Utilize TDX Tech’s project management and rollout teams to centralize and simplify deployment and installation of Verkada security hardware solutions. One point-of-contact for your entire project means simpler and faster on-boarding, saving you valuable time and capital.

For a custom Verkada pricing quote, including Verkada security hardware and any of TDX Tech's technology services, please contact us, or complete the form at the top of this page.

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