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Introducing Verkada’s AI-Powered Search: Setting a New Standard for Conducting Investigations

According to one of their recent blog posts, Verkada recently announced the launch of their new AI-powered search feature, within their "Command" platform. Their AI-powered search allows "customers to use freeform text to search for people and vehicles in a highly-detailed manner." They also recently added advanced analytics, including facial recognition and trajectory mapping.

Excerpt: "Now, with AI-powered search, customers are no longer restricted to a predefined list of search attributes of people and vehicles; rather, users can enter freeform text searches (“queries”) directly into the search bar to see relevant results. These advancements have collectively made our search capabilities some of the most powerful in the industry."

Check out this blog to see how Verkada's new AI-powered search tool can help your loss prevention teams save time and improve efficiency:

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