Turn-key Interactive Fitting Room Solution

Touching, feeling, and trying-on items is the #1 driver for store traffic. Unfortunately, most stores are blind to the critical data that lies beneath this important customer behavior.

Increase basket size by 20% with optimized fitting room experiences…

The fitting room dilemma:
  • Fitting rooms are a blind spot
  • Shoppers don’t have an easy way to get help
  • Unknown shopper and merchandise abandonment
  • Labor cuts are impacting associate effectiveness
  • No or few tools to maximize sales during these moments

Too many retailers have no data around the critical buying moment

Imagine if you could obtain shopper data, such as:

  • The shopper’s name
  • Their personal style/fit
  • Number of fitting room visits
  • Impact on store revenue
  • Other merchandise interests
  • Which associate helped the shopper
  • Was the customer given timely service?

The solution – a smart, safe, and scalable digital fitting room and analytics platform

How does it work? When a shopper walks into a room, they get an interactive experience to get on-demand assistance for help, new colors, sizes, or outfit recommendations.

Provide shopper assistance with the Associate Assist application

  • Personalize shopper engagement
  • Quickly respond to shopper needs
  • Offer product recommendations
  • Check inventory availability
  • Know when to clean rooms
  •  Be more efficient

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