High Tech Point-of-Purchase Displays


Technology-Driven Point-of-Purchase Displays

Point-of-Purchase Display with Technology

The use of technology, such as touch-displays, sensors, audio, video, and lighting can bring retail experiences to a whole new level. Use integrated technology to solve problems and create remarkable customer-experiences.

Customer Experiences, Driven by Technology

Drive sales with in-store technology, including these and others:
  • Digital signage media players
  • Digital audio systems
  • Connected video systems
  • Immersive LED lighting
  • iOS and Android-based Tablets
  • Windows and Android-based kiosks
  • High-definition/4K content
  • Barcode scanners (for video and audio interaction)
  • Sensor based input controls and triggers
  • Data-gathering for customer insights
  • Custom content creation

How to Design and Deploy a High-Tech P-O-P Solution

Getting your point-of-purchase display from concept to reality is easy, with TDX Tech and Felbro Displays.

Felbro DisplaysTDX Tech and Felbro Displays have teamed up to provide a truly seamless process to ensure your technology-oriented display moves beyond “just an idea.”

Felbro’s team of designers and engineers work with TDX Tech’s staging and deployment teams to provide a truly turnkey solution that can be installed in all your locations across North America and beyond.

We work with your company’s technology,  marketing, or operations teams to ensure your vision for a highly immersive, technology-based point-of-purchase display is realized.

Design, Stage, Deploy and Install High-Tech Point-of-Purchase Displays with TDX Tech and Felbro Displays

Utilize TDX Tech’s project management and rollout teams to centralize and simplify your Felbro designed point-of-purchase display. One point-of-contact for your entire project means simpler and faster rollouts, saving you valuable time and capital.
  • Point-of-purchase display project planning and management
  • P-O-P design and engineering services
  • Technology hardware procurement
  • Display technology staging and configuration
  • Device inventory-tracking and reporting
  • POP-display staging, deployments and installation services
  • 20,000+ technician service team
  • High-voltage and low-voltage cabling
  • Network hardware installations
  • On-going device support
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