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IT Installation Services

IT and Technology Installations Our comprehensive IT installation services get your IT projects installed and completed on-time and on-budget. Whether you’re adding technology to new locations, or upgrading existing locations, TDX Tech’s installation network of 20,000+ technicians can provide IT support wherever your technology needs


Verkada Camera Installations

TDX Tech for Verkada Installations: 10 Reasons Expertise: TDX Tech has extensive expertise in the field of Verkada surveillance camera solutions and Verkada installations. TDX Tech has a proven track record of successfully implementing surveillance camera systems for a multitude of multi-site brick-and-mortar businesses. Integration


Verkada Cameras Installation

Challenge: Our customer originally deployed prosumer-grade cameras for both staff and customer safety and security. They soon found that the products did not scale for enterprise use. Additionally, low-image resolution cameras were easy to tamper with and difficult to access across multiple locations. Solution/Approach: Verkada


Hiring Surveillance Camera Installations

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire Surveillance Camera Installations There are financial, practical, and maintenance-related rationale for why you should hire an installer for surveillance cameras. Financial rationale: Hiring an installer for surveillance cameras may seem like an added expense, but it can actually save


Self-Checkout Installation

Challenge: Provide a turnkey and custom self-checkout (SCO) solution, utilizing our customers existing POS/point-of-sale technology (Bring-Your-Own-POS, or BYOPOS). The new SCO lanes needed to replace existing traditional checkout lanes, requiring light demolition, as well as new power and data infrastructure. Solution/Approach: TDX Tech partnered with