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IT Deployment

IT Deployment Services

Technology Deployment Our comprehensive IT deployment services deliver the goods, on-time and on-budget. Whether you’re opening a new store, remodeling an existing location, or rolling out new servers, networking hardware, cameras, or retail and point of sale (POS) equipment, TDX Tech has you covered. Pre-Deployment


POS Deployment

[1] POS (Point of Sale) deployment [retail technology services] is the process of installing and configuring POS systems at various locations such as retail stores, restaurants or other business establishments.


iPad/iOS Lifecycle & Deployment Solutions

iPad/iOS MDM Deployments and Services With mobile and remote work-forces, businesses everywhere are empowering their employees with Apple’s iPad tablet devices. And, with many employees continuing to work remotely or from home, corporate iPad staging and deployments have exploded. The need for centralized mobile device


Deployment Services

[1] Deployment services support the implementation and rollout of new applications or infrastructure. Activities may include hardware or software procurement, configuration, tuning, staging, installation and interoperability testing.


RingCentral VOIP Deployment

Simplify RingCentral VOIP Deployments Empower your business to communicate, collaborate, and connect via voice, team messaging and collaboration, audio and video conferencing, and fax from any location and on any device. Use RingCentral Office Ultimate edition as your unified VOIP communications and collaboration solution. Enjoy


IoT Hardware and Deployments

IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions & Services Since the internet became public, it was only a matter of time before human creativity devised important and useful technology that leveraged it’s real-time connectivity and capabilities. Embrace IoT solutions from TDX Tech, or bring your own, to


National Deployment and IMAC Services

Challenge: Our customer required a partner that could manage, execute, and provide resolution reporting for on-site technician repair and IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) activities for each of their 950 + retail locations across the United States. Solution/Approach: Our team worked closely with the customer


POS Peripheral Deployment

Challenge: Due to new government regulations, our customer was required to upgrade software and hardware to comply. Not only that, the compliance service work had to be completed at 20,000 locations within five months (from award of the project) or the customer would be liable for