Verkada Bullet Series Cameras

Verkada Cameras – Bullet Series Overview

Verkada Bullet Series Cameras

Verkada’s Bullet Series Cameras are designed to withstand harsh conditions and its visible form factor helps deter potential threats.

There are two CB62 models: the CB62-E, which has a wide-angle field of view and the CB62-TE, which has a powerful zoom. Additionally, the cameras feature powerful long-range IR LEDs that enable them to produce clear images even at a distance of up to 50 meters at anytime of day.

Bullet cameras are designed for use in exposed outdoor environments. They are constructed with a robust aluminum unibody that encloses hermetically sealed internal electrical components.

The camera’s design includes a built-in pigtail connector that allows for easy insertion of an ethernet cable without needing to remove the outer body. The external housing offers IP67 protection against dust and heavy rain and IK10 protection against damage from vandals, hail and flying debris.

Enterprise-grade performance

  • High–resolution sensors up to 4K
  • License Plate Recognition available only on Bullet cameras
  • Advanced edge processing for motion, people and vehicle analytics

Storage and processing

  • 256GB–2TB of onboard storage
  • Up to 90 days of retention in standard quality
  • Low–bandwidth impact, only using 20–50 kbps per camera at rest


  • IP67 weather rated outdoor models
  • IK10 impact rated outdoor models
  • IK08 impact rated indoor models
  • NDAA compliant

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