Verkada Dome Series Cameras

Verkada Cameras – Dome Series Overview

Verkada Cameras - Dome SeriesVerkada cameras, including these Dome Series cameras, offer enterprise-grade security in a range of models for both indoor and outdoor surveillance needs.

Verkada’s hybrid cloud cameras have durable, vandal-resistant designs and can capture images with up to 4K resolution. Installation of Verkada cameras is relatively simple and requires no complicated setup, downloads, or configuration.

Verkada Dome Series cameras have standard features like data encryption, onboard storage, and advanced motion-based insights. Organizations can quickly scale their surveillance and security coverage to increase situational awareness across multiple sites or locations.

These cameras also have powerful edge processing capabilities that deliver advanced computer vision features, including Verkada’s People and Vehicle Analytics. This allows users to quickly filter people and vehicles based on attributes like clothing color, gender traits and facial matches, as well as vehicle type and color.

Enterprise–grade performance

  • High–resolution sensors up to 4K
  • Exclusive Occupancy Trends feature on Dome Series cameras
  • Advanced edge processing for motion, People and Vehicle Analytics

Storage and processing

  • 28GB–2TB of onboard storage
  • Up to 365 days of retention in standard quality
  • Low–bandwidth impact, only using 20–50 kbps per camera at rest


  • IP67 weather rated outdoor models
  • IK10 impact rated outdoor models
  • IK08 impact rated indoor models
  • NDAA compliant

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