What To Do if You’re in the Midst of a Ransomware Attack...

According to Fortinet, there were over 187 million ransomware attacks in 2019. That’s over 500,000 attacks on businesses every single day. If you have not yet been a victim of a ransomware attack, the odds are that it is just a matter of time.

Everyone gets attacked, but not everyone knows the best way to react. It’s key to act quickly and methodically to contain the damage. Read the "ransomware attack tips" and checklist for practical advice on what to do when ransomware is discovered.

The following actions will be covered in detail in the Fortinet PDF download (complete the form on the right side of this page).

Steps To Take During a Ransomware Attack:

  • First: Don’t Panic!
  • Isolate systems to stop the spread
  • Identify ransomware variant for tactical approach
  • Identify initial access
  • Identify All Infected Systems and Accounts
  • Determine if data was exfiltrated
  • Locate Your Backups and Determine Availability
  • Verify the Integrity of Your Backups and Restore To Last Known Good
  • Sanitize Systems or Create New Builds
  • Report the Incident
  • Paying the Ransom? Negotiate First
  • Conduct a Post-incident Review

Everyone Gets Attacked. Everyone Needs a Plan

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