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Symbol PDT3300-CRCH0PE

Symbol PDT 3300 - 8 LBL - 4.2 MB - 256 NVM - OEC - 56 Key

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The PDT 3300 is a 16-bit, DOS compatible terminal that is suited for virtually any robust data collection application. Due to this product's unprecedented design modularity, it can be configured or field upgraded with a multiplicity of options (including a Spectrum One radio module) to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. The PDT 3300 features a SuperTwist 8-line backlit display, extensive memory capacity (up to 4.2 MB for data/program storage), 35 or 56 key keyboards that can be customized with user-defined legends, a real-time clock, lithium battery backup, and an environmentally-sealed construction. Communication options include Hayes-compatible internal modems and an optical communications end cap for connector-free communication with either the single-slot or four-slot optical cradles. An integrated scan module permits one-handed scanning operation similar to the LDT without the gun form factor. The PDT 3300 is also compatible with a full complement of contact scanners, tethered laser scanners, and printers.

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