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Retail Technology Companies

What CIOs, CTOs, and IT Leaders Want from a Retail Tech Company We’ve compiled a list of the top criteria CIOs, CTOs, and technology leaders often look for in a retail technology services company, specifically related to physical technology hardware for their stores and distribution


IoT Hardware and Deployments

IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions & Services Since the internet became public, it was only a matter of time before human creativity devised important and useful technology that leveraged it’s real-time connectivity and capabilities. Embrace IoT solutions from TDX Tech, or bring your own, to


High Tech Point-of-Purchase Displays

Technology-Driven Point-of-Purchase Displays The use of technology, such as touch-displays, sensors, audio, video, and lighting can bring retail experiences to a whole new level. Use integrated technology to solve problems and create remarkable customer-experiences. Customer Experiences, Driven by Technology Drive sales with in-store technology, including


Verkada Camera Installations

TDX Tech for Verkada Installations: 10 Reasons Expertise: TDX Tech has extensive expertise in the field of Verkada surveillance camera solutions and Verkada installations. TDX Tech has a proven track record of successfully implementing surveillance camera systems for a multitude of multi-site brick-and-mortar businesses. Integration


Verkada Mini Series Cameras

Home Verkada Cameras – Mini Series Overview Mini Series Verkada cameras offers flexible, discreet cameras with exceptional image quality. It includes two indoor models (the CM41 and CM41-S) and one outdoor model (the CM41-E), each designed for specific purposes. These Verkada cameras are suitable for


Verkada Security Solutions

Home Verkada Security: The Ecosystem Verkada presents a fully integrated hardware and software solution that strengthens safety while simplifying ownership. Designed with ease of use at top of mind, Verkada security solutions are comprised of more than six product lines, providing unparalleled visibility through a


Verkada Cameras

Home Verkada Cameras – Enterprise-ReadyNo NVR or DVR Required Manage Verkada cameras from an easy-to-use platform and access footage remotely. Free 30-day trial. Simple, secure and scalable enterprise security camera system. Robust security, safer locations. Protect people, assets and privacy at scale. Trusted by over


BrightSign Players for Digital Signage

BrightSign Players Staging and Deployment BrightSign players are purpose built for digital signage with a commercial grade operating system that delivers a cloud-connected experience for real time player access anytime, anywhere. Cloud-based for a connected world State-of-the-art media player technology BrightSign players lead the way


Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage, Kiosks, and Wayfinding With recent consumer behavior changes, the need to create a better customer experience has never been more critical. To meet this challenge, retailers, hospitality, finance and other brick and mortar businesses have been turning to digital signage solutions. Popular applications