Verkada PTZ Camera

Verkada Cameras – PTZ Overview

Verkada PTZ Cameras

Verkada’s CP52-E pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera gives operators control over the camera’s field of view, enabling dynamic monitoring of large areas. Equipped with a 5MP image sensor, the CP52-E boasts broad 360-degree pan and 220-degree tilt capabilities. 

Operators can use this camera to investigate moving subjects and capture comprehensive footage as events unfold across vast spaces, all with remarkably low-latency (<500 milliseconds). 

Additionally, the CP52-E features 28x optical zoom to capture finer details of the scene. With an infrared range (IR) of 100m / 328ft, the CP52-E delivers excellent detail even in low-light conditions.

The CP52-E camera is designed with a turret style to optimize usability. It incorporates advanced motor mechanisms that allow for quick and seamless transitions between positions, providing operators with smooth and effective control. The turret design also enhances its range of motion, offering more degrees of freedom and effectively reducing blind spots.

The CP52-E is IP66 weather rated for highly-exposed outdoor installations. The exterior housing provides IK10 protection against direct impacts from vandals, hail and flying debris. Like all Verkada cameras, the CP52-E works out–of–the–box without any additional configurations. All CP52-E cameras come with a 5-year warranty.


  • 5MP high-definition image resolution
  • 28x optical zoom
  • 360° pan, 220° tilt
  • 100m / 328ft IR illumination

Storage and processing

  • 512GB-3TB of onboard storage
  • Up to 180 days of retention in standard quality
  • Edge processing for motion, people and vehicle analytics

Sentry Mode (coming soon)

  • Automatically capture zoomed high quality images of people or vehicles
  • Specify region of interest for image capture.

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